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Adjust Water Pressure Regulator – Chino CA

adjust water pressure regulator Chino Hills CA

High water pressure in your home can cause pipes to leak or burst.

Here is a picture of a Watts water pressure regulator that Budget Rooter was asked to inspect.

The customer called about a leak in the pipe above the Watts regulator. The customer did not know there was a pressure regulator adjacent to the leak, nor of course that the regulator was not doing its job.

His home’s water pressure was dangerously high at 128 psi (pounds per square inch). This means the equivalent of 128 pounds was continuously pushing on every square inch inside his pipes. A leak or burst was inevitable.

High water pressure in your home plumbing is a silent killer. High water pressure causes leaks in pipes. It can damage water heaters and other plumbing appliances. It can lead to big problems. A leak in the pipes under your concrete foundation (a slab leak) is generally caused by aged pipe coupled with high water pressure. Depending on access, these can be very expensive to repair. High water pressure can also burst a hose inside your home, causing extensive water damage to floors, walls, etc.

A Watts water pressure regulator is designed to keep your water pressure at an optimum pressure of 65 psi. Often only minor adjustments are necessary to water pressure at optimum. Much better to keep water pressure regulator in good shape than to fix inevitable future damage.

There are many kinds of water pressure regulators available besides Watts: Wilkins, Brickman etc. Check your water pressure regularly, and if you a question or concern, call Dave at (909) 592-5855.





Adjust Water Pressure Regulator – Chino CA





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