Adjust Water Pressure Regulator

Adjust Water Pressure Regulator – Chino CA

adjust water pressure regulator Chino Hills CA

High water pressure in your home can cause pipes to leak or burst.

Here is a picture of a Watts water pressure regulator that Budget Rooter was asked to inspect.

The customer called about a leak in the pipe above the Watts regulator. The customer did not know there was a pressure regulator adjacent to the leak, nor of course that the regulator was not doing its job.

His home’s water pressure was dangerously high at 128 psi (pounds per square inch). This means the equivalent of 128 pounds was continuously pushing on every square inch inside his pipes. A leak or burst was inevitable.

High water pressure in your home plumbing is a silent killer. High water pressure causes leaks in pipes. It can damage water heaters and other plumbing appliances. It can lead to big problems. A leak in the pipes under your concrete foundation (a slab leak) is generally caused by aged pipe coupled with high water pressure. Depending on access, these can be very expensive to repair. High water pressure can also burst a hose inside your home, causing extensive water damage to floors, walls, etc.

A Watts water pressure regulator is designed to keep your water pressure at an optimum pressure of 65 psi. Often only minor adjustments are necessary to water pressure at optimum. Much better to keep water pressure regulator in good shape than to fix inevitable future damage.

There are many kinds of water pressure regulators available besides Watts: Wilkins, Brickman etc. Check your water pressure regularly, and if you a question or concern, call Dave at (909) 592-5855.





Adjust Water Pressure Regulator – Chino CA





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Replace Laundry Shut-off Valves

Laundry Shut-off Valve Repair Chino CA

Laundry Shut-off Valve RepairLeaking laundry shut-off valves can cause water damage to floors and walls. Budget Rooter will quickly replace and repair these.

This particular project was in Chino, where I was called to replace the valves from a leaking washing machine.

These types of water valves are usually accessible by opening the drywall. I cut a rectangular section of drywall out of the wall with a drywall saw. A large hole is just as easy to repair as a small one, so I give myself plenty of room to work. (I wouldn’t need to do this if the valve connections are already accessible.)

I make sure to shut off the water to the laundry room.  Then I loosen the pipes. I cut the necessary pipe lengths, using a pipe cutter or hacksaw as needed. Remove the old valves. Then replace the removed section of pipe with a new section of pipe. Wrap plumbing tape around the threads of the adapter and screw on the new replacement valve.  Solder as necessary.

Then I turn on the water and check the new valve for leaks. I secure it to the framing with a pipe clamp. Then I completely repair the drywall and hook up the washing machine. And make sure everything is good to go.

Leaking water in the laundry room could also be caused by a leaking P-trap – but that is a different situation.



Laundry Shut-off Valve Repair – Chino CA





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Replace Bathroom Sink

Budget Rooter – Replace bathroom sink. Chino and Ontario CA

Before and after pictures of a lavatory sink Budget Rooter & Plumbing finished for an existing customer in Chino.

Replace Bathroom Sink - Ontario CA

New Bathroom Sink Installed Ontario CA









This is a 25-year old counter top with a broken sink. The faucet is a Delta Widespread, and it has serviced this customer well. But this shows you what is possible with a little work.

The new faucet is an Aqua Source that the customer picked up at a home store. It could just as well be a Price Pfister or Moen faucet. But you also have to get the right sink for this job. There are many brands available, such as a Kohler sink. The cut-out circle in the counter-top is the dimension that you have to work with.

The procedure is: start by removing the P-trap and all the drain pipes. Then disconnect the water connections. The sink is held in place with 4 small brackets and some sealer. Disconnect these brackets, and pop out the old sink with a chisel. The next step is to remove the faucet and clean the counter top. We also removed and replaced the shut-off valves. Now the sink and counter are stripped down.

Next, install the new faucet and connect to the shut-off valves. After this, assemble the sink drain parts. Set the sink in the hole and connect the new drain. Wallah! The new sink looks great. It makes a attractive statement in this bathroom. and is work to be proud of.

Budget Rooter has helped this customer in the past. I removed their old water heater and installed a new Bradford White water heater. It ‘s still working well today. We also repaired a slab leak in the bathroom floor. And a pipe repair on the bathtub valve using a Price Pfister valve.

Whatever you plumbing you need – I’ll be right over to fix it.

(909) 592-5855



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Laundry Pipe Leaking

Chino Hills CA.

leaking washing machine Chino HillsLaundry pipe leaking because of damaged pipe. The drain pipe from the washing machine was leaking water all over the floor in the laundry room.

The cause was a hole in the cast iron P-trap. The P-trap is a standard plumbing fixture. It traps solid material in the waste water that can clog the pipes deeper within system. It also stops gases from seeping back into the house.


Laundry Pipe Leaking ChinoIn this case, we cut open the wall and removed a section of old pipe. We replaced it with newer pipe. We sealed up the wall, cleaned up the floor, and moved the washing machine back into place. Problem solved.

Let us know if you’re having any problems with clogged or leaking laundry pipes.



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Remove Roots in Drain Pipe – Chino Hills CA

Remove Roots in Drain Pipe Chino Hills CAWe had a customer call with a clogged drain problem. After inspection I discovered dense root growth filling the laundry drain pipes. I removed these roots to let the water freely drain again.

Trees need water and nutrients to grow, and their roots are always pushing through the ground looking for them.

When pipes or sewer lines are installed, the soil around the pipes are usually dug out and backfilled, making it looser than surrounding soil. Roots grow easily in the loosened soil around the pipe. Sewer lines and pipes carry water and when the root tips detect the water, they pry their way inside the pipe. Roots are powerful growers.

Root tips can penetrate into tight spaces and cracks and easily break apart pipes to access water. Many older homes have sewer lines made of clay, and clay pipes are the most susceptible to root intrusion due to their fragility and weakness at joints.

Call for help to clear out roots in drain pipe – (909) 592-5855.



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Broken Sewer Pipe Chino CA

Repair Broken Sewer Pipe Chino CA

broken sewer pipe vent Chino CAThis pipe is a broken sewer pipe connection that was broken at the vent.

Dave used acoustic water leak detection equipment to locate the position of the leak. He then removed the broken section and replaced it.

These sewer line vents are there to prevent sewer gases from getting back into the home, instead venting them usually through the roof.

As water flows through the pipe, the air between the trap and the main sewer line cannot escape and is pushed ahead of the water flowing down the drain line. This creates a vacuum. The sewer vent is there to get rid of this vacuum air bubble.



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Water Saving Appliance Standards

Water Saving Appliance Standards

California Drought before and afterThe state of California is in the fourth year of an historic drought. To help deal with this crisis, in April 2015 the California Energy Commission implemented new standards for water appliances with the goal of saving 10 billion gallons of water throughout the state during this year. Over time, these standards will save an estimated 105 billion gallons.

We must use water as efficiently as possible, and state officials believe that updating minimum standards for toilets, urinals and faucets is a step in that direction.

The approved water saving standards require water appliances to consume less water and use less energy while performing the same functions. Here are the details for each appliance:

• Toilets and urinals, except those designed for prisons or mental health facilities. Toilets shall not consume more than 1.28 gallons per flush and shall have a waste extraction score of no fewer than 350 grams. Urinals shall not consume more than 0.125 gallons per flush. (These facilities have specially-designed toilets and urinals to address security and health issues.)

• Residential lavatory faucets shall not exceed 1.2 gallons per minute flow rate.

• Kitchen faucets shall not exceed 1.8 gallons per minute flow rate and may have capability to increase to 2.2 gallons per minute momentarily for filling pots and pans.

• Public lavatory faucets shall not exceed 0.5 gallon per minute flow rate.

You can read full details of “Energy Commission Approves Water Appliance Standards to Save More Than 100 Billion Gallons Per Year” here»

Call Budget Rooter Plumbing for more water saving ideas. (909) 592-5855



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Drought and Plumbing – Chino

Drought and Plumbing – Chino

We’re in the fourth year of an historic drought, and we can all look for things to do to help save water.

drain-clog-fix-leak-plumber-pomonaHere are some some easy tips:

• Cut your shower time from 10 minutes to 5 minutes.
   saves up to 12.5 gallons per shower

• Turn off the faucet while you’re brushing your teeth.
  saves up to 4.5 gallons every time

• Only run your dishwasher when it’s completely full.
  saves 5-10 gallons per skipped cycle

• Defrost food in the refrigerator instead of using running water.
  saves up to 2.5 gallons per minute of avoided use

• When doing laundry, match your washing machine’s water setting with the size of your load.

• Soak your pots and pans in the sink instead of using running water.

Remember – every little bit helps. For a plumber’s advice on saving water, call Dave at (909) 592-5855.



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