Garbage Disposal Replacement

Garbage Disposal replacement done fast. There are three main brands of garbage disposals sold in the Chino area. I only carry one: InSinkErator. InSinkErator has many sizes of garbage disposals. I usually carry two – the Badger 5 which has a 1/2 horsepower motor. This is a useful, reliable and inexpensive garbage disposal that I […]

Testing Home Water Pressure

We are replacing a lot of residential water pressure regulators lately. I’m not sure why so many people are not concerned when their pressure regulator is broken. High water pressure in your home is a lot like having high blood pressure. The symptoms are hidden. You might not think you’ve had a problem up until […]

Adjust Water Pressure Regulator

Adjust Water Pressure Regulator – Chino CA High water pressure in your home can cause pipes to leak or burst. Here is a picture of a Watts water pressure regulator that Budget Rooter was asked to inspect. The customer called about a leak in the pipe above the Watts regulator. The customer did not know there was a […]

Replace Laundry Shut-off Valves

Laundry Shut-off Valve Repair Chino CA Leaking laundry shut-off valves can cause water damage to floors and walls. Budget Rooter will quickly replace and repair these. This particular project was in Chino, where I was called to replace the valves from a leaking washing machine. These types of water valves are usually accessible by opening […]

Replace Bathroom Sink

Budget Rooter – Replace bathroom sink. Chino and Ontario CA Before and after pictures of a lavatory sink Budget Rooter & Plumbing finished for an existing customer in Chino.                 This is a 25-year old counter top with a broken sink. The faucet is a Delta Widespread, and it has serviced this […]

Laundry Pipe Leaking

Chino Hills CA. Laundry pipe leaking because of damaged pipe. The drain pipe from the washing machine was leaking water all over the floor in the laundry room. The cause was a hole in the cast iron P-trap. The P-trap is a standard plumbing fixture. It traps solid material in the waste water that can clog the pipes […]

Remove Roots in Drain Pipe – Chino Hills CA

We had a customer call with a clogged drain problem. After inspection I discovered dense root growth filling the laundry drain pipes. I removed these roots to let the water freely drain again. Trees need water and nutrients to grow, and their roots are always pushing through the ground looking for them. When pipes or sewer lines are […]

Broken Sewer Pipe Chino CA

Repair Broken Sewer Pipe Chino CA This pipe is a broken sewer pipe connection that was broken at the vent. Dave used acoustic water leak detection equipment to locate the position of the leak. He then removed the broken section and replaced it. These sewer line vents are there to prevent sewer gases from getting back into the home, instead venting them usually through the roof. […]

Water Saving Appliance Standards

Water Saving Appliance Standards The state of California is in the fourth year of an historic drought. To help deal with this crisis, in April 2015 the California Energy Commission implemented new standards for water appliances with the goal of saving 10 billion gallons of water throughout the state during this year. Over time, these […]