Remove Roots in Drain Pipe – Chino Hills CA

Remove Roots in Drain Pipe Chino Hills CAWe had a customer call with a clogged drain problem. After inspection I discovered dense root growth filling the laundry drain pipes. I removed these roots to let the water freely drain again.

Trees need water and nutrients to grow, and their roots are always pushing through the ground looking for them.

When pipes or sewer lines are installed, the soil around the pipes are usually dug out and backfilled, making it looser than surrounding soil. Roots grow easily in the loosened soil around the pipe. Sewer lines and pipes carry water and when the root tips detect the water, they pry their way inside the pipe. Roots are powerful growers.

Root tips can penetrate into tight spaces and cracks and easily break apart pipes to access water. Many older homes have sewer lines made of clay, and clay pipes are the most susceptible to root intrusion due to their fragility and weakness at joints.

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