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Budget Rooter – Replace bathroom sink. Chino and Ontario CA

Before and after pictures of a lavatory sink Budget Rooter & Plumbing finished for an existing customer in Chino.

Replace Bathroom Sink - Ontario CA

New Bathroom Sink Installed Ontario CA









This is a 25-year old counter top with a broken sink. The faucet is a Delta Widespread, and it has serviced this customer well. But this shows you what is possible with a little work.

The new faucet is an Aqua Source that the customer picked up at a home store. It could just as well be a Price Pfister or Moen faucet. But you also have to get the right sink for this job. There are many brands available, such as a Kohler sink. The cut-out circle in the counter-top is the dimension that you have to work with.

The procedure is: start by removing the P-trap and all the drain pipes. Then disconnect the water connections. The sink is held in place with 4 small brackets and some sealer. Disconnect these brackets, and pop out the old sink with a chisel. The next step is to remove the faucet and clean the counter top. We also removed and replaced the shut-off valves. Now the sink and counter are stripped down.

Next, install the new faucet and connect to the shut-off valves. After this, assemble the sink drain parts. Set the sink in the hole and connect the new drain. Wallah! The new sink looks great. It makes a attractive statement in this bathroom. and is work to be proud of.

Budget Rooter has helped this customer in the past. I removed their old water heater and installed a new Bradford White water heater. It ‘s still working well today. We also repaired a slab leak in the bathroom floor. And a pipe repair on the bathtub valve using a Price Pfister valve.

Whatever you plumbing you need – I’ll be right over to fix it.

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