Replace Laundry Shut-off Valves

Laundry Shut-off Valve Repair Chino CA

Laundry Shut-off Valve RepairLeaking laundry shut-off valves can cause water damage to floors and walls. Budget Rooter will quickly replace and repair these.

This particular project was in Chino, where I was called to replace the valves from a leaking washing machine.

These types of water valves are usually accessible by opening the drywall. I cut a rectangular section of drywall out of the wall with a drywall saw. A large hole is just as easy to repair as a small one, so I give myself plenty of room to work. (I wouldn’t need to do this if the valve connections are already accessible.)

I make sure to shut off the water to the laundry room.  Then I loosen the pipes. I cut the necessary pipe lengths, using a pipe cutter or hacksaw as needed. Remove the old valves. Then replace the removed section of pipe with a new section of pipe. Wrap plumbing tape around the threads of the adapter and screw on the new replacement valve.  Solder as necessary.

Then I turn on the water and check the new valve for leaks. I secure it to the framing with a pipe clamp. Then I completely repair the drywall and hook up the washing machine. And make sure everything is good to go.

Leaking water in the laundry room could also be caused by a leaking P-trap – but that is a different situation.



Laundry Shut-off Valve Repair – Chino CA





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