How can I avoid “Shower Shock”?

A: Shower shock has happened to everyone at one time or another.

Repair Install New Shower Chino CAYou’re in the shower and somewhere in the house a toilet is flushed, a faucet is turned on, or someone starts the washing machine. The next thing you know, the comfortable water temperature you were enjoying from the shower head is suddenly cold enough to make you squeal or so hot you want to shout! A simple device called a pressure balancing shower valve can help.

By adjusting to pressure changes in water coming through the hot and cold supply lines, a piston in the valve automatically opens or closes small inlet ports to maintain a balance in pressure, which in turn keeps the water flowing at a moderate temperature. It reacts instantaneously.

Pressure-balancing valves are now required in new residential construction in most states, depending on local plumbing codes. Older homes are not so fortunate.

In addition to piston valves, some pressure valves use a wheel-like diaphragm to trigger pistons that cover the hot- or cold-water ports. Installation of these valves can be tricky with an existing shower. It involves cutting through the wall behind the shower, removing the old valve, and soldering on the new one. If you have a shower shock situation, call Budget Plumbing for the best solution.

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